Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tucker Max Gets Called Out By A College Kid

A college kid confronted Tucker Max during his recent promotional bus tour. Tucker Max had stopped at the McFadden's bar near the Vanderbilt campus and camped out in a back room to meet people. Matt Sheldon, a Vanderbilt student, claims to have cut in a line to meet Tucker and initiated a conversation with Tucker about the movie.

When asked what he thought about the cut of I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell that was released to theaters, Sheldon claims that Max said, "I don’t really give a shit, it’s gonna make me a shitload of money." Sheldon also claims that Max became agitated when Sheldon revealed that he wanted to be an agent and then went off on a "rant in which he made three claims, each of which oozed more bullshit than the last. "1," he began "I invented a literary genre. Two, I am richer than you will ever be, and three, these girls are waiting in line to [expletive] me."

Sheldon writes the following about Tucker Max's rant:
Understanding the falsity of his claims, I was irked and drunk enough to debase them. I told him that his blog was no more than an editorial piece applied online; no literary genre was created, only shifted mediums. Second: if he was so rich, he wouldn’t have to travel across the country in a bus to 18 and over bars for a few hundred dollars to meet fans, and three: it’s widely known in the industry he makes all of his stories up, aggrandizing regular feats into those of colossal proportions.

I have to tip my hat to Matt Sheldon. More people need to confront Tucker Max on his bullshit. It might actually help keep Tucker Max's ego in check.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Real-Life Tucker Max Childhood Stories

Some comments concerning Tucker Max's childhood have been posted on this post on my original Tucker Max is a Douchebag blog. These were posted by anonymous posters, so I am unable to independently verify these accounts. If anyone has any additional information regarding these incidents, please leave a comment to this post.

Anonymous said...

Tucker grew up in Lexington KY. Attended elementary school, jr. high, and the first 3 years of high school there.

In 7th grade he drew swastikas on his hands in a attempt to piss off his social studies teacher (Mr. Esrael, who, as it turned out, wasn't even jewish) This was followed by his reading "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" and declaring that, despite what we might think based on his skin tone and blond hair, really, he's black.

Then he flunked out his junior year (in addition to a scandal involving cheating on the AP U.S. History Test) and ended up at a boarding school on his daddy’s dime, repeating that year and hiding his failure well enough to get into UC.

His psychotically delusional narcissism is DECADES old.

9/29/2009 6:36 AM

Anonymous said...

I played little league with Tucker in the 5th grade. He struck out pretty much everytime he went to bat.

10/03/2009 7:10 AM

Here are pictures of Mr. Esrael and a young Tucker Max. Someone posted a link to these photos in a comment to this post. These appear to have been scanned from a class or yearbook photo.